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  • Directed by: Tiana Marenah Puddin, a young woman of 17 desires to leave the pressures of her single-parent household to become a nun in the 1960's. She is rejected because of a technicality, and as a result, Puddin experiences a crisis of faith. Blinded by youthful inexperience, she experiments with her own sexuality, in the end coming back to an understanding of family. https://vime[...]
  • Balancing Act

  • Submitted by: Kristine Stolakis Balancing Act tells the story of DeMarcello Funes, a 22-year-old emerging circus performer. But Funes is no ordinary clown: he teaches a forgotten history of African American performance and its ties to the circus arts. A circus artist brings to life a forgotten history of African American performance.Growing up, fellow students bullied Funes for being m[...]
  • The Lives of LaMott Atkins

  • dir. by Robert Philipson W. E. B. DuBois famous wrote that every Black in America grow up with 'this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one's self through the eyes of others.' But what happens when the double consciousness of being gay is overlaid on that? This self-narrated documentary follows a man of extraordinary talent: running back for the Stanford Cardinal; dancer [...]