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  • 5th of July

  • Movie • 1 hr 40 min • Comedy  TICKETS Orlando Leal, a young black French professor, travels to the mountains on the 4th of July to complete his dying fathers last wish, to spread his ashes on the surface of Mosquito Lake. Orlando reluctantly complies, but when he curses his father at the lake, the universe turns on him. First he gets robbed of his wallet and keys by thieves named Dakota [...]
  • Shadow

  • Directed by: Richard Fields https://vimeo.com/94792066 Helena, an aging dancer who's injury forced her into retirement, sits alone in a dark bedroom reflecting somberly on the evening's events.  Earlier that evening ,Yosef, her husband, enters the dining room as music fills the air, meeting Helena for a night of wine, romance, and dancing. He guides her to the table and surprises her with[...]