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  • Nineteen Summers

  • Movie • 1 hr 58 min 53 sec • Family, Drama, Romance, Thriller, Crime, Action, Mystery, Music, Adventure  Completed Apr 2019 The time taken by the planet to make its revolutions around the sun. A point of time as measured in hours and minutes, a paradoxical transition from boy to man, /nine·teen sum·mers/ Friday 1330 Fillmore JHC 5:15pm Born in the generational Los Angeles s[...]
  • Rinse Cycle

  • 9 min 49 sec Category: Shorts Directed By: Alex Ford A man recalls an important lesson from his mother about identity and blackness as he washes his clothes in a frightening laundromat Friday 1330 Fillmore JHC 3:45pm
  • Wren

  • WREN (18m, ) dir. by Aisha Ford SUN | YOSHI’S | 2PM-4PM After a 3-month long absence, a drug addicted mother unexpectedly returns in her daughter's life.