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Talking Piece

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Talking Piece by KPage Stuart Valdes

Jason Smith is a late 30’s, Caucasian high school principal in East New York. His wife, Julia, is a Cuban American climbing the corporate ladder. They have been in Brooklyn for 10 years, have a daughter, and live in a Park Slope brownstone.
Samuel and Hugo are two brown-skinned teens who grew up in the cross fires of Brooklyn’s rapid gentrification. They know that many adults see them through a filter of negative stereotypes. But, they have created rich and layered identities that shatter these simplistic and negative stereotypes. And, they have learned to code switch and navigate the many social environments through which they travel.
Jason, on the other hand, often maintains a top down communication style connected with power, even when he is making efforts to act otherwise. So, when he locks heads with Samuel and Hugo, assumptions explode with humor and gravity.
Talking Piece explores our propensity to stereotype others, our simplistic ideas around identity, and how we are all more complex than we seem.

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