The Anthem of Our Souls

In the summer of 2017, LIQUID Arts and Productions LLC completed a film and community mural in the city of Watts, California, for a project titled The Anthem of Our Souls.
The Anthem of Our Souls is a film which combines the creative process of a community collaborative mural, with stories depicting the issues on the hearts of the collaborators.
The stories arise from individual experiences, community concerns and reflections on cultural history. As the film winds through the mural’s creation, many of the artists and contributors involved lead us through individual vignettes, which provide a closer look into the profoundly personal concerns and experiences which inspired the art.Instead of “Talking Head” interviews, the storytellers use poetry, song, drama and rap to communicate the film’s points of view.

Director Biography – Jahmal Holland

Jahmal Holland attributes his diverse interests to growing up in San Francisco, California. Inspired by his mother’s social activism, as well as her love of music and art, Jahmal developed a passionate interest in music, art and culture at an early age. Jahmal’s first directing effort was a viral music video, which attracted interest from CNN, The Discovery Channel, and Intel Electronics. His projects include writing the screenplay for the Nigerian feature film “Still Standing”, and directing the music video “Get it Right” for platinum recording artist Domino. “Still Standing” won a Golden Icon Academy Award for best Diaspora Film. In addition, Jahmal received a nomination for Best Screenwriter.
In the Spring of 2016, Jahmal completed a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree in Film and Television Production at the University of Southern California. His thesis film, completed as part of the Master’s, is the documentary Spanish FLY. Set in the Los Angeles Harbor area, this documentary chronicles the rise of three Latin American youths who meet in Jr High School, start a hip hop group, and pioneer Chicano Rap as a genre.
Jahmal is also part of an artist’s collective called LIQUID Arts and Productions LLC. In 2017 LI QUID collaborated with artists and community members in the city of Watts, California, and completed a film and community mural, for a project titled The Anthem of Our Souls. Jahmal and his wife currently reside in Los Angeles.

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