The Artist in Society: Talking with Hershell West

by Eve A. Ma
in Documentary

Friday AAACC Nia 12pm

A black man brought up in the rural south in the days before the end of segregation, neither Hershell West’s family nor his community, nor the larger society expected him to become a professional artist. Defying these expectations, he triumphed over the odds and in this documentary, we examine both his art and the ways in which artists contribute to society – through their artistic creations, and also through their teaching, and advocacy for the arts.

Director Biography – Eve A. Ma
A former history professor-turned independent filmmaker, Eve A. Ma (formal name L. Eve Armentrout Ma) has produced/directed over 15 films. Many are documentaries but she has also created one feature length drama and several experimental shorts. A world traveler who speaks several languages, her primary concern is allowing people to get to know and understand people of other cultures and ethnicities, often by focusing on the arts (performing as well as visual arts), the artistic process, and the culture of these creative people.

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