The FADE: A Clean Cut Documentary


Big Bright Films debut their feature length documentary The Fade; the distinctive film presents an exclusive window into the lives of 4 barbers, including Johnny “Cakes” Castellanos; responsible for the images of two of hip-hop’s icons, Jay Z and Pharel Williams. The observational film seamlessly transports us to and from Accra, London, New Jersey and Kingston submitting to its inhibited narrative and paralleling common themes of identity, business, masculinity and culture. Directed by Andy Mundy-Castle, Assistant Producer on Channel 4’s multi-award winning documentary Giving up the Weed and Producer on the multi-award winning film David is Dying, Executive Producer Christopher Hird whose work includes The Flaw and The End of the Line, Cinematography by Tom Swindell responsible for the BAFTA award winning series One Born Every Minute and Director of Photography on My Kidnapper.

The Fade observes real personalities from the owners Faisal (barber to David Harewood and Andrian Lester), Shawn Powis (barber to Elephant Man), Offori “Tupac” Mensah and Johnny “Cakes” Castellanos to their clientele, baring the same aspirations separated only by time and space. Indiscriminately, the film displays the power of entrepreneurship and the mobility it provides for very individual goals and status within the community. The wit of all the characters is easily captured, demonstrating how boys become men in this self-contained masculine world.