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The Talk

by Emily M. Blake
in Student

Saturday Buriel Clay Theater 2pm

For African Americans, The Talk, is about more than just the birds and the bees. On his way to a big date, seventeen year old J.J. has a talk with his dad, but Dad couldn’t prepare him for this.

Director Biography – Emily M. Blake
After earning a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Howard University I earned a Master’s degree in Radio/TV/Film at Wayne State University. I worked in radio as a Producer/Talent and in television as an Associate Producer for a Cable Ace winning Public Affairs show, Transition, and as a Production Assistant for a nationally syndicated Emmy winning show, America’s Black Forum, with civil rights activist and politician Julian Bond. However, neither format satisfied my urge to tell human stories.

Equipped with little more than determination and an entrepreneurial spirit, I moved to New York to pursue independent filmmaking.

With my first feature film, Connie’s Place, I labored over the script, schedule and budget all while shopping for set furniture, props, scouting locations, and purchasing lighting and craft supplies. Connie’s Place (80 mins, 16mm, color) was shot in 8 days, with a production budget of $7000 and when money began to dwindle, I used my culinary skills to prepare meals between takes. I also co-wrote and lent vocals to the title song, Connie’s Place. The film screened in the “Works-in-Progress” section of the 2001 IFP Market to a warm reception.

The second time up to bat, I was hired to direct, Sorry Ain’t Enough, (132 mins, DV) by producers, Ken Harris and Darryl Lee, who wrote and co-stars. The production was massive in scope and enjoyed a successful U.S. Film Festival tour.

My most recent short, The Talk, is currently exhibiting at various film festivals across North America.

I reside in Los Angeles where I’m pursuing a MFA in Film & TV, and in various stages of development and production on documentary and feature projects.

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