Writer | Director | Producer |Filmmaker | Keith Lea

Post Obama Era, The criminal justice system is broken, Institutional racism, and Systemic racism exists.
Set on The West Coast in Northern California in a city by the Bay Area, Stockton.
The Mayor is on a mission to get rid of gangs, gun violence, stop police brutality, revitalize, rebuild the communities by any means necessary to restore justice to America’s most diverse city in the nation.
Homelessness and unemployment rate is at an all-time high, job growth at a stand still, shootings seem like every other day.
Economic racism has some residents from the underprivileged neighborhoods making daily sacrifices, others taking deadly risks for their families to survive that they would have never thought of doing before with their backs pushed up against the wall by a racial injustice system.

Award-Winning Guerrilla Filmmaker who touches on issues of today & yesterday in the urban community. “He didn’t find filmmaking, filmmaking found him” His first full-length feature film — “Greedy” – A Film Festival Winner. “Filmmaker Keith Lea writes stories about the experiences he’s been through. It’s not pretty, but it’s the unheard voice of the inner city Before Lea thought about making movies, he survived gunshot wounds and stints in jail. Small, compact and reserved one might think of him as well, behaved. He possesses the street smart’s that gives him the credentials to make a street film, but he’s also comfortable in his role as filmmaker and advocate for his art.

It was Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” & MattyRich’s movie “Straight Outta Brooklyn” (1991) that made him think to direct films were possible. So he went to the library and stole books about writing screenplays & filmmaking.” After Lea read the books & got the knowledge he needed he would return them so other people could check them out & read them until he got his very own library card

He took film classes at San Francisco’s City College. He then started interning on several video’s & movies, in the Bay Area, M.C. Hammer, Spice One, Celly Cell, DRS, The Coup, “Panther” (1995) Movie, “So I Married An Axe Murderer” (1993) Movie. His first Movie “Greedy” went on to World Premiere at The San Francisco Black Film Festival, and screened in Canes France, The Hollywood Black Film Festival, The Las Vega Film Festival, The Sacramento International Film Festival. Keith Lea made his 2nd film, a Docudrama about Tagging and Graffiti writing “Fumes of Fury.” Filmmaker Keith Lea finished his 3rd, latest film project, “The West Coast An AmeriKKKan Dream” Now currently Screening in “The San Francisco Black Film Festival” New Virtual SFBFF 2020. This film is from a Film Series scheduled for release in 20/20.

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