To Raise a Child


Olivia Jones has come to her wits end. Up until now, she has believed that her son was killed by a white police officer. Just seven months after her son was shot and killed, Olivia pulls herself together to host a family dinner while dealing with the loss of her son and the strain on her marriage. Tensions and emotion arise when conversations about love, grief, police brut
Robert Henry

Robert Henry


Recent graduate from Long Island University, Brooklyn with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Media Arts, New York-native Robert Henry wrote, directed and executive produced his latest self-funded short film, “TO RAISE A CHILD” as apart of independent study and incorporated it into the independent film company, KING HENRY FILMS.

Robert Henry is currently pursuing a career in Public Relations having worked with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a grassroots intern during her presidential campaign in 2016 to the world-renowned dance company Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater as well as additional PR agencies.

Robert founded KING HENRY FILMS in 2013 during his sophomore year of college with hopes to create films that insight thought and exude artistic and innovative cinematography to present powerful messages. He has self-funded all of his short film projects and continues to write, including his first feature screenplay, EASTEND.

Kara Myers


Marketing powerhouse, Kara Myers, is a fairly recent graduate of Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus. Ms.Myers double-majored in Business Management and Marketing, and also chose a minor in Media Arts. Ms.Myers was able to further develop her professional marketing experience during her undergraduate career by obtaining a myriad of internships in the corporate sector, including companies SiriusXM and Viacom (VH1). An interest in social media marketing suddenly struck Ms. Myers. Following the conclusion of her undergraduate career, she began her social media marketing firm, C.A.K.E. Marketing Co. She craved expanding her knowledge in the different sectors of marketing and stumbled upon King Henry Films. It was when she met Robert Henry that she was able to expand her social media marketing knowledge and work side by side with the illustrious director to aide the marketing efforts of the film company and also acquire extensive knowledge of the film industry.