Traffic Stop tells the story of Breaion King, a 26 year old African American schoolteacher from Austin, Texas, who was stopped for a routine speeding violation. The encounter between her and her arresting officer caught on multiple police dash cams’ escalated into a violent take-down of Breaion. The film takes viewers into Breaion’s personal life, teaching math to her second graders, dancing, singing, the first in her family to earn academic degrees and purchase her own home. Then, what begins as a regular day ends up changing Breaionâ’s life, as the 112 pound woman is pulled from her car, pinned to the ground, and handcuffed. En route to jail, Breaion questions her escort officer about why blacks are treated differently by cops. The officer’s answers speak to are shocking to witness, and bely deep-seated bias in law enforcement Breaion continues to suffer from PTSD, but hopes her story will help people consider how police brutality effects even educated, law-abiding citizens. Unlike many victims, Breaion is alive to help imagine what it is like to walk in her shoes.
Kate Davis