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Unalienable Rights


Saturday JHC 4pm

Froi Cuesta

During the mid 70’s and 80’s there existed a stench of racial inequality in the city of “Brotherly Love”. In Philadelphia there was a small, vibrant liberating organization that helped forge communal-ism and voiced the continued struggle for civil rights. The MOVE organization led by John Africa, a philosophical, magnetic and mesmerizing man was able to lead a group of Philadelphians in unison with hopes to achieve the ultimate humanistic utopia of connecting as one with nature and ridding the land of racism and police brutality; especially since “All men are created equal.”

Also during this time period author, revolutionary, radio personality and political prisoner, Mumia Abu Jamal who was a MOVE supporter and a Black Panther, covered many of their trials throughout his journalism career and even asked John Africa to represent him during his own trial for allegedly killing a Philadelphia police officer during a traffic stop involving Mumia’s brother, William Cook.

Unalienable Rights is a four part docudrama that merges the struggles of two men: John Africa and Mumia Abu-Jamal against the racially divided, “in-justicetized” city of Philadelphia where the Italian Mafia, corrupt city government and Black Muslim Mob ran amok with devilish intentions in a major cover up.

This is a condensed version of part 1 of 4, stay tune!


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