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Directed by: Darious Britt

Darious Britt

This film is based on a true events that have taken place in my life. My mother struggles with schizophrenia and her battle has resulted in many damaged relationships and lost property. My mother completely flooded out her house and I’ve been taking care of her ever since. We’ve had our fair share of trials and tribulations (some almost breaking us) but together we grow stronger and my hope is that this film can speak to others who may be going through something similar.


Regi, a young filmmaker, works on his passion project, a documentary about classic Volkswagens, when he receives a call from a stranger. Darolyn (Regi’s mother) was found lying in the back of the stranger’s pick-up truck. Regi takes his mother home and urges her to take her medication but she refuses. Due to Darolyn’s history of disturbing the neighbors, Regi is given 24 hours to remove his mother from the apartment complex or face evict from management.


Regi takes legal action, filing a petition against his mother to have her committed. He collects evidence and records video footage of Darolyn’s psychotic actions for use in court later.

Regi pushes for court-ordered treatments by injection to insure that his mother will not slip again in the future, but she uses the legal system and HIPAA to thwart his efforts and cast suspicion upon his motives. He must leave an important event, compromising his passion project and losing a close friendship in order to stop his mother from being released from the hospital. Because of legal reasons he must personally testify in court against his mother to ensure that she receives court-ordered injections. Darolyn loses in court, and as a result must receive injections. She is discharged from the hospital and immediately begins punishing Regi for taking action against her, eventually disowning him as a son. Regi must convince her to watch the video he recorder of her while she was in psychosis to clear his name and save their torn relationship.

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