THE SAN FRANCISCO BLACK FILM FESTIVAL is a place to view films like no other. We do not specialize in film showing the standard stereotype we are used to. We try to show positive and innovating films that you may or may not be able to view at regular screenings. We bring a positive light by selecting films which Hollywood might not ever bring you. Films that show a more positive light or just scream out "The people need to see this!". Films shot with innovation or shot with a different technique or point of view than we are used to. Once in a while some negative movies may slip through, but under the surface we are trying to bring a different aspect to light. There are so many films that are being produced that many will never hear of. Not because they are not good but because the Hollywood market likes to put us in a box. This box is slowly being broken... There is so much going on with black media that most people are not aware of unless they are enthusiast, filmmakers themselves, or keeping up with the film festival scene. Since the camera and computer programs have become readily available or at least accessible to most, the media has taken off and we are catching up by leaps and bounds. The black film industry is exploding by creating and telling the story of the black man in the United States and worldwide to film lovers everywhere. Every story is being told or represented by newbies and O.G.'s alike. Some make it to the theater, some make it to DVD, and some you will get only one chance to see. Come and be a part of this festival or any festival you can attend! Support Black film... You will love it and it is our history being told and lived through film. This is not just for Black people... It is for every American. We are one in the same. My history has become yours... and yours has become mine... Thank you.

SAN FRANCISCO BLACK FILM FESTIVAL's MISSION is to celebrate African American cinema and the African cultural Diaspora and to showcase a diverse collection of films – from emerging and established filmmakers. This is accomplished by presenting Black films, which reinforce positive images and dispel negative stereotypes, and providing film artists from the bay area in particular and around the world in general, a forum for their work to be viewed and discussed. SFBFF believes film can lead to a better understanding of and communication between, peoples of diverse cultures, races, and lifestyles, while simultaneously serving as a vehicle to initiate dialogue on the important issues of our times.

From its modest beginnings in 1998 with $3,000 in funding, SFBFF has grown from a one-day event with an audience of 300 to an five day multiple venue cultural celebration drawing thousands of people. Comprised of film screenings, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, the Urban Kidz film series, opening and closing programs, and the Melvin Van Peebles Award ceremony, which recognizes an emerging filmmaker for risk taking.

An early proponent of the global perspective, the festival has always been ahead of its time. Long before popular culture paid lip service to ‘going global’, we were walking the walk, presenting global motifs and topics from filmmakers around the world.